What is cat boarding?

Cat boarding means leaving your cat in the care of somebody else or with a commercial facility for a specific time that you yourself are not capable to do so. Cat boarding is a service that can take place either in your own home, in the home of a cat sitter or in a cat kennel.

Cats are territorial creatures and most of them prefer to stay in a familiar environment. It is, therefore, recommended to book cat boarding in your house and select a cat sitter near you who will travel to your home and keep your kitty company. You can find the perfect cat sitter through Holidog’s home boarding service and depart knowing your cat is in good hands.

If you’re not a fan of catteries but don’t want or can’t invite a pet sitter into your home, then cat boarding with a host family is a good choice. With this service, you simply take your cat to the host family’s home near you for the duration of your stay and pick it up upon your return. Visit our website to find the pet sitter that best fits you and your cat’s needs

If none of these option are suitable for you, you can opt to choose cat boarding in a kennel. This option allows you to drop off your cat at a specialised facility near you and pick it up once you have returned. Keep in mind that some cats might not enjoy their stay for the simple reason that cats are territorial and generally don’t support changes very well. If it’s possible, finding a place for your cat without other animals is always a better option.

Cat boarding near me

Finding a cat boarding service near you is indeed very easy in this day and age, with multiple cat kennels and cat sitting companies popping up every year. But how do you go about finding one, and what is the best option for your specific situation?

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Cat boarding London

You are in the process of planning your vacation away from the big city and would like someone trustworthy to take care of your cat during your absence? Finding the ideal pet sitter isn’t complicated, especially in London.

Daily, thousands of ads are posted on the internet, which might make it hard to decide who is the right cat sitter for your needs. How can you make sure that the person really is what you are looking for? By turning to Holidog, one of the leading pet sitting companies in Europe, you can access our database and find a perfect match within just a few clicks.

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Cat boarding kennels

It’s not always an option to take your cat with you on vacation or an unexpected work trip. Facilities such as kennels and catteries offer a cat boarding solutions to cat owners who have to leave their pets for a few days and nights and allow them peace of mind during their travels.

While cat boarding in a kennel might seem like the perfect solution, keep in mind that some cats might not enjoy their stay due to the simple reason that cats are territorial and generally don’t support changes very well. If your cat doesn’t like the company (or even the sight!) of other cats, if it’s shy or has special needs, it’ll be happier cat boarding at home or with a host family!

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