What is cat boarding?

You’ve booked some holiday, have to leave on a business trip and you’re getting concerned about having to leave your cat behind. Have you ever considered using Holidog’s cat boarding service?

Keep your cat happy while you’re away

Cat boarding can take place in your own home or at the pet sitter’s home. It’s perfect for cats that don’t enjoy being in a cattery or those with special needs that require lots of attention. By choosing cat boarding, whether in your own or at the host’s place, you’re making sure that your cat will be perfectly safe and happy while you’re away.

In your own home

Cat boarding at your own home is the perfect solution for cats. After all, they’re territorial and don’t particularly like changing their habits. With Holidog’s cat boarding service, your absence will be as stress-free as possible for your cat.

With a host family

Cat boarding in a host family is a very good in-between if your cat isn’t a fan of catteries. It works quite simply: your cat is taken care of by a host family while you’re away. Our website allows you to find in a few clicks the perfect host for your cat, whatever its age and needs.

Cat boarding near you

There are many ways available to find someone near you to board your cat with. Companies like Holidog offer cat boarding everywhere from big cities like London to small towns in the UK.


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Prices for cat boarding

The cost of cat boarding varies according to the duration, whether it’s in your home or at the pet sitter’s home, your location (London will be more expensive!) and the level of experience. But don’t worry. The pet sitters’ rates are displayed on their profiles. There’s no reason for you not to find the perfect host family for your cat that will suit your budget.

How to choose your host?

It goes without saying: you need to pick carefully the person who will take care of your cat. After all, you want your pet to be safe and well while you’re away! At Holidog, we only select trusted pet sitters so you get the best quality of services that you and your cat deserve. All information (rates, reviews, level of experience) are displayed in all transparency for you to make the best informed choice.

Interested in cat boarding?

Are you a cat lover? Are you looking for an activity to earn extra money? Or perhaps you’re a student looking for a part-time job? If you absolutely love cats, you should consider becoming a cat sitter. Interested? It’s easy! Visit our website and create your profile. Once approved, you can start offering your services and find the best cat sitting jobs near you.

What about cat boarding facilities?

There are more and more cat boarding facilities all across the country. Seen from afar, they look perfect but keep in mind that not all cats will enjoy staying there. The reason is simple: cats are territorial and don’t like changes. If your cat doesn’t like the company (or even the sight!) of other cats, if it’s shy or has special needs, then forget about catteries: it’ll be happier cat boarding at home or with a host family!

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