Due to their territorial nature, it is usually not recommended to take cats on vacations or weekend trips. But not to worry, there are many solutions available to cat owners who are absent for a few days. One of them are cat kennels, where cats can be left in the care of caretakers similar to a short hotel stay. But what may look like the ideal option at first can be stressful for your cat. Keep reading and find out more about cat kennels and the alternatives available to you.

Cat kennel costs

In general, it’s hard to say exactly how much a stay in a cat kennel will cost. Kennels just like their prices can differ drastically. Basic kennels, offering basic services and no extra luxuries can cost just about as much as any other pet sitting service. However, luxury cat kennels can charge prices of over £100 per day.

Cat kennels: what’s to know?

There are different kinds of kennels and before selecting one for your cat it is important to do research on the facilities. Some kennels offer cat boarding over several days, others over weeks or even months. Find out if the kennel follows the latest laws and regulations and what their security policy is. Before you book the stay, be sure to visit the premises and let the employees give you a tour of the buildings.

How to find the perfect kennel?

You can use the internet to find cat kennels near you which will allow you to reduce the stress your cat might feel while travelling.

Know your cat

It’s important that your cat will feel comfortable in the environment and will get along with the other pets present. As mentioned above, cats tend to have a great sense of territory and are closely attached to their homes. It is, therefore, cat kennel stays are not always recommended. An anxious or shy cat an have a hard time in a new place with unknown humans and animals.


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What’s the best alternative to cat kennels?

Friends and family

There are several options available to cat owners who don’t want or can’t book a cat kennel stay. Before turning to pet sitting services, it is always a good idea to consider friends and family. This type of pet sitting offers the benefits of being cheaper and leaving your cat in the care of someone you fully trust. In most cases, your cat might even know the person who will keep it company. Unfortunately, this option might not always be available or possible. In this case, there are other pet sitting services offering almost all of the same benefits.

Professional services

Companies like Holidog offer professional cat sitting services all over the world. On our website, you will be sure to find someone that fits your needs. The advantage of booking a pet sitter instead of a cat kennel is that your cat doesn’t have to move and can stay in its familiar environment while being cared for by an experienced cat lover. Browse our database and easily find the cat sitter suitable to you and your cat’s needs.

Prices for all budgets

With Holidog, nothing is simpler than finding a pet sitter that fits your budget. Many of our registered cat sitter’s will be more than happy to get to know your four-legged friend. After entering your postal code, you can select a cat sitter based on the prices displayed on their profile. Keep in mind that prices regress based on the number of days booked.

Find someone near you

On Holidog you can find cat sitter’s near you by entering your postcode. In the following step, you will see a list with all the registered sitters available to you in your area. We take pride in carefully selecting our cat sitters to offer the best quality of services and ensure your cat’s safety. It is recommended to chat with the cat sitter and find out as much as you can before finalising the booking. You can ask for regular photo and video updates to let you know how your cat is doing.

The Holivet guarantee offers full coverage for your animal in the event of an accident.

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