Cat sitting

Your vacation is all booked and you are looking for someone to take care of your cat? An emergency forces you to leave your home temporarily and you want to leave your cat in the care of somebody you can trust? There are several cat sitting solutions available to you.

The perfect solution while you're away

Cat sitting at your home is certainly the solution your cat will like best. Being very territorial in nature, cats can have a hard time moving and getting used to an unknown environment. If possible, cat sitting in your home is, therefore, the best option to keep your cat happy and healthy.

At home

Cat boarding at your own home is the perfect solution for cats. With Holidog’s cat boarding service, your absence will be as stress-free as possible for your cat.

With a host family

At the base it’s a simple concept: you leave your cat in the care of a selected host family where it will live during your absence. This is not always the greatest solution to cats who, as mentioned above, are animals with a great sense of territory and tend to get frightened when moved to unknown environments. If your cat already has a shy or anxious nature this can become even worse and cat sitting in a host family might not be the ideal solution for you.


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Cat sitting: What costs to consider?

The cost of cat boarding varies according to the duration, whether it’s in your home or at the pet sitter’s home, your location and the level of experience. Cat sitting in London will always be more expensive than anywhere else in the country. The pet sitters’ rates are displayed on their profiles. There’s no reason for you not to find the perfect host family for your cat that will suit your budget.

How to select the perfect person for you

Our service for cat sitting in your home is built on an easy principle, no different than if you turned to a friend. For the costs displayed on the website, your chosen cat sitter will visit you at home to keep your cat company during your absence, only transportation costs to your home are charged separately. Keep in mind to leave enough food for your kitty because it’s your responsibility to reimburse the cat sitter if they need to buy more. Unexpected visits to the vet need to be reimbursed as well if no extra vet insurance, like Holidogs Holivet, are selected before the booking. In any case, it is always advised to ask for receipts.

Offer your own cat sitting services

Are you a cat lover? Are you looking for an activity to earn extra money? Or perhaps you’re a student looking for a part-time job? If you absolutely love cats, you should consider becoming a cat sitter. Visit our website and create your profile. Once approved, you can start offering your services and find the best cat sitting jobs near you.

Pet sitting is the perfect alternative

What about cat kennels and catteries? On paper, these facilities look like the perfect option but keep in mind that not all cats will be happy there. Especially cats with disabilities and special needs can have a hard time or not even be welcome. If you can, always choose cat sitting at home or with a host family.

The Holivet guarantee offers full coverage for your animal in the event of an accident.

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