Cat Sitting In London

You are in the process of planning your vacation away from the big city and would like someone trustworthy to take care of your cat during your absence? Finding the ideal pet sitter isn’t complicated, especially in London, but there are certain things to consider before booking one. Read on to learn more.

Cat sitting options in London?

Finding a cat sitter near you in London is indeed easy. But before you start looking for a cat sitter, you have to first decide on the type of cat sitting you would like to make use of.

Cat sitting in your home

If you asked cats, they would probably all prefer this option. Staying home and being cared for in their familiar environment is the best solution for cats in most cases. Cats are closely connected to their homes and generally don’t support change very well. There are a great number of pet sitters in London offering cat sitting in the pet owner’s home. Holidog allows you to easily find the perfect pet sitter in your area in a few clicks. Simply visit our website and browse through our list of London-based cat sitters.

Cat sitting with a host family

What might be seen as a simple concept can become complicated when applied to cats who don’t support changes very well. Leaving a cat with a host family in London can work out well if the cat likes to discover new places and isn’t too shy. However, as mentioned above, cats tend to be closely connected to their home. Still, if you don’t want or can’t invite a cat sitter to take care of your cat in your home while you’re away, this might be an option to consider. Find the perfect host family easily through our search tool.

Visiting your cat at your home

This option is only suitable for highly individual cats that do not require a lot of company. The concept is simple: your cat stays at home and the cat sitter comes by once or twice a day to provide it with food, clean its litter and maybe play with him a little. This option is usually only good for a short time or for people who are not at home during the day. For longer holidays, it is not recommended.

How much does it cost?

The costs will depend on the cat sitting service in itself. If the cat sitter comes to your home, you can estimate a rate of about £11.00 per day. Keep in mind that you’ll also have to pay for the cat sitter’s travel costs which depend on the tram and travel fares in London. The level of experience of the cat sitter can also influence the price. Our cat sitters’ rates are displayed on their profile so you can easily choose the perfect person for your needs and budget.

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Use a dedicated cat sitting service in London

Finding a pet sitter over the internet is easy in this day and age. Companies like Holidog, the number one cat sitting platform in the UK, allows you to find the perfect cat sitting service near you at affordable rates. Browse our database and get in touch with a cat sitter in London in just a few clicks. Enter the dates of your absence and see a list of cat sitters available for that period.

Compare and select

Our service lets you compare the cat sitters based on the rates and experiences, which are displayed on their profiles. We recommend to always get in touch with a pet sitter to get to know them before making the booking decision. Always make sure that you really trust the person who will take care of your cat to avoid stress during your travels.

Once you have made your decision, you can decide if the cat sitter should get to know your cat before your leave. If, in turn, you have opted for cat sitting with a host family, it is a good idea to visit the house and make sure that it is suitable for your cat´s needs. Find out if there are other pets in the home and if your cat would get along with them and how many members of the family will take care of your pet. Ask if and how long your cat will be alone during the day. Take special care if the home has a garden, cats are escape artists and can easily run away if the outside areas aren’t properly secured.

Start looking early

Avoid booking a last-minute cat sitting service to look after your pet, especially during busy times such as typical vacation times as you might not have the time to get to know them well. Many cat sitters, especially in London, are booked during the holidays. It is not recommended to go with the last available cat sitter that you do ot fully trust. Generally, the search for a suitable cat sitter should start around two to three weeks before your departure.

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