What is a cattery?

Catteries have become increasingly popular in the past few years. There are now lots of different places where you can leave your cat for a few days or even weeks at a time. Your furry friend is not left alone at home and you can leave knowing it’ll be well looked after in your absence.

Is cattery a good idea for my cat?

At first glance, yes, a cattery is a good idea! Most facilities operate seriously and guarantee the safety of your cat. But be careful: not all catteries are the same. You need to check them thoroughly before selecting the right one. Remember that cats are territorial and resent moving places.


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Some things to know before choosing a cattery

There is a lot that goes into the research you need to do before leaving your pet in a cattery. Is the facility in line with the latest legislation? Is it secured? Is there a vet on-site? Before booking anything, get as much information as possible. If you can, it’s a good idea to view several catteries so you can compare them. Your cat’s well-being depends on your choice!

How much does a cattery cost?

Prices depend on the range of services offered. The most basic catteries offering basic comfort are still more expensive than a tailored pet sitting service - with none of the benefits. The cost of the most luxurious catteries can reach over £100 per day.

What about choosing cat sitting instead of a cattery?

Why not give cat sitting a try instead of boarding your furry friend in a cattery? This solution is a perfect fit for cats that like nothing better than staying home instead of having to live in a place they don’t know with fellow cats they don’t like! With Holidog, finding an alternative to catteries has never been that simple. No more worrying about your cat while you’re away: you’ll know it’s in good hands!

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Holidog offers high-quality services provided by the most trusted cat sitters near you. Fancying a holiday away? The perfect pet sitter is a few clicks away. Whatever your cat’s needs and habits, Holidog can help you find a cat sitter that will suit your expectations… and your budget! We carefully review and select all our cat sitters.

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