Catteries in London

You are live in the bustling city of London but need to go away for a short business trip or have planned a holiday. But what will you do with your cat? One option to consider is using a cattery.

Choosing a London based cattery

Cats are extremely popular amongst the London population. In fact, London is the only place in the UK where cats are more popular than dogs. In response to this, a wide variety of establishments specifically geared to accommodating cats while their owners are away are available within the city. Indeed, finding a cattery near you in London is very easy.

The principle of a cattery is simple: you drop off your cat before you leave and pick it back up once you have returned. Still, there are various things to consider before booking a cattery.

Before selecting a cattery in London, it is always recommended to research the facility and make sure that it is up to the latest standards. Take into consideration that the cattery has to follow laws and regulations and should have a security policy in place. Pay a visit to the premises and take a look at the rooms your cat will be eating and sleeping in. Find out how many other pets will be staying in, what additional services your cat requires (think of medication, cat-friendly furniture or maybe even grooming services)

The costs

Of course, also the costs of the cattery plays a major role in your decision. Due to the large variety of establishments and their level of luxury and additional services, it’s hard to say how much a stay in a cattery in London will generally cost. Basic catteries, offering basic services and no extra luxuries can cost just about as much as any other pet sitting service, between 15 and 20 pounds.

A luxury cat hotel in London, on the other hand can charge prices of over £100 per day. In return, your cat will receive more personalised care, better facilities and often various additional services such as an on site vet . Be careful though, not every cattery that calls itself a cat hotel is more luxurious. As with a normal cattery, research before hand and visiting the premises is essential before you make your choice.


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Alternatives to catteries

Cats are extremely territorial and often do not fare well in a new and unfamiliar place. An anxious or shy cat can have a hard time in a new place with unknown humans and animals, which can have a permanent negative impact on his mental well-being and might even result in him trying to escape the cattery. Finding a lost cat in London is near impossible. You might therefore want to consider an alternative to a cattery.

Use a dedicated pet sitting service

Finding a pet sitter over the internet is easy in this day and age. Companies such as Holidog allow you to find the perfect pet sitter near you at affordable rates. Browse our database and get in touch with a cat sitter from London in just a few clicks. Enter the dates of your absence and see a list of cat sitters available at that time.

Our service lets you compare the cat sitters based on the rates and experiences displayed on their profiles. We recommend to always get in touch with a pet sitter to get to know them before booking one. Always make sure that you really trust the person who will take care of your cat to avoid stress during your travels.

Once you have made your decision, you can decide if the cat sitter should get to know your pet before your leave. If, in turn, you have decided to leave your cat at the cat sitter’s home, be sure to visit them and make sure that it is suitable for your pet’s needs.

Plan in advance

Avoid booking a last-minute pet sitter to look after your cat as you might not have the time to get to know them well. Many pet sitters from London are fully booked during the holidays. It is not recommended to just pick any random cat sitter that is still available. Generally speaking, the search for a suitable cat sitter should start around two to three weeks before your departure.


Find out how much a cat sitter in London will cost by simply browsing our website. Use our search tool by entering your postal code and gain access to an extensive list of cat sitters near you who would be happy to take care of your cat. On average, pet sitters charge around £10 per day. Select the cat sitter that fits your budget and your expectations by comparing rates and experiences displayed on their profiles. Keep in mind that prices regress based on the number of days booked.

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