What is dog boarding?

Dog boarding is when dogs stay overnight, for a few days or weeks at a pet lodging facility. It differs from pet sitting when someone comes to your house and watches them. This can also include staying in a kennel, with someone you know or with a host family.

Which are the options for dog boarding?

There are a couple of options available for you if you’re considering boarding your dog while you’re away. The trick is to find the one that works best for your dog and that fits your budget. Not all dogs are comfortable staying with other dogs, especially if they’re shy or disabled. Remember to think carefully about the options before.


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Who's going to look after your dog?

This will depend on the option you'll choose. It can be a person who'll take care of your dog in his/her home or in your own home. You can also board your dog in a kennel.

Find someone to dog your board with

Boarding your dog with someone generally implies that a person will come and take care of it in your own home. Your dog stays home and doesn't have to adjust to a new environment. Look for someone you can trust. It can be a family member. Your dog's safety is your priority. Plus, this person will live in your home while you're away. Sometimes, the person doesn't want to travel and will instead look after your dog in his/her home. The cost depends on several things, notably the length.

Boarding with a family

Leaving your dog with a host family is a good in-between staying at a kennel and in-home pet sitting. Your dog will keep on living in a homely environment and will be taken care of by its pet sitter.

In-home dog boarding

Provided you’re comfortable having someone live in your house while you’re away, in-home pet sitting is the best option. Nothing changes for your dog: same habits, same routine, same familiar places. This is a good option to consider if your dog is shy, has special needs or doesn’t get on well with other pets.

Dog boarding during your holidays

It's not always possible to bring your dog with you when going on holidays. Lots of dog owners look for someone to take care of it while they're away. What is best choice? To find someone? A host family? A kennel? How much does it cost? Work out what's best for your dog and choose the option that suits it best.


This is a traditional dog boarding option. Kennels range from the most basic facility to the most luxurious. They are expensive and require you to do some research before deciding if it’s a good choice for your dog.

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