Dog Boarding

What is dog boarding?

Dog boarding is when dogs stay overnight, for a few days or weeks at a pet lodging facility. It differs from pet sitting when someone comes to your house and watches them. This can also include staying at a kennel, a dog hotel or with a host family.

Which are the options for dog boarding?

There are a couple of options available for you if you’re considering boarding your dog while you’re away. The trick is to find the one that works best for your dog and that fits your budget. Not all dogs are comfortable staying with other dogs, especially if they’re shy or disabled. Remember to think carefully about the options before.


This is a traditional dog boarding option. Kennels range from the most basic facility to the most luxurious. They are expensive and require you to do some research before deciding if it’s a good choice for your dog.

Dog hotel

A very comfortable option, dog hotels offer a 5-star experience to your dog. Pets enjoy their comfortable room and round-the-clock care. This comes with a price tag though and is far from being within the reach of all budgets.

Host family

Boarding your dog with a host family is a good in-between staying at a kennel and in-home pet sitting. Your dog will keep on living in a homely environment and will be taken care of by its pet sitter.

In-home dog boarding

Provided you’re comfortable having someone live in your house while you’re away, in-home pet sitting is the best option. Nothing changes for your dog: same habits, same routine, same familiar places. This is a good option to consider if your dog is shy, has special needs or doesn’t get on well with other pets.


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Dog boarding: what is the best choice?

There are a few options for dog boarding. It may be difficult at first to decide which one is the best. How do I make sure that my dog will be safe? What if my dog isn’t doing well while I’m away? Those are questions most owners ask themselves. One good advice is to choose to accord to your dog’s temper. Don’t make it stay in a kennel if it hates being alone. Likewise, don’t board it with a family with pets if it can’t stand other animals.

How much does dog boarding cost?

The price is another element to take into account. Dog hotels and kennels will be the most expensive options while dog boarding with a host family and pet sitting will be the cheapest. In a nutshell, depending on what you choose, you’re looking at spending between £20 and £100 per day.

How to find a dog boarding service?

With Holidog, you can easily find trusted pet sitters near you to take care of your dog while you’re away. You can browse as many pet sitters’ profiles as you want and chat with the ones that look like a good match. Whether you’re looking for in-home dog boarding or boarding your dog with a host family, we have carefully selected all our pet sitters to make sure you and your dog get the best service.

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