Dog boarding kennels near me

You are planning a trip to unwind for a while but you are not sure how your dog might fare without you? Maybe the idea of a temporary stay in a dog kennel has crossed your mind and you’re wondering if it’s the right fit for you. Keep reading to learn about dog kennels near you.

What is dog boarding?

Dog boarding is when dogs stay overnight, for a few days or weeks at a pet lodging facility. It differs from pet sitting when someone comes to your house and watches them.

Dog boarding in a kennel near you

The principle is quite simple, you take your dog to the hotel before you depart and pick it up upon your return. While some dogs don’t really mind switching locations, others have a harder time supporting changes to their environment. Kennels usually host more than one dog so having other animals around can be stressful.

Prices for dog boarding kennels

In general, it’s hard to say exactly how much dog boarding in a dog kennel will cost. However, luxury dog kennels can charge prices of over £100 per day. Kennels just like Basic kennels, offering basic services and no extra luxuries can cost just about as much as any other pet sitting service.


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Things to keep in mind before booking

There are different kinds of kennels and before selecting one for dog boarding it is important to do research on the facilities. Find out if the kennel follows the latest laws and regulations and what their security policy is. Before you book the stay, be sure to visit the premises and let the employees give you a tour of the buildings. It’s important that your dog will feel comfortable in the environment and will get along with the other pets present.

What's the best alternative to kennels?

Friends and family

An alternative to dog boarding in kennels is to ask friends and family for help while you’re away. This solution offers the advantage of being very easy to organise and it’s usually cheaper than booking a hotel or a pet sitting service. Your dog, who might already know your friends and family, can remain at home where it’s comfortable and spend a stress-free vacation - just like you.

Specialised companies

In recent years, many companies have developed professional pet sitting services including dog boarding for pet owners in need. Holidog, the number one in Europe, allows you to find someone to take care of your dog during your absence in just a few clicks. Dog sitting is preferable to dog kennel boarding because your dog can continue to enjoy the comfort of it’s home while waiting for you to return. Finding the perfect sitter is no harder than if you turned to friends or family. Just visit our website and browse our database of registered pet sitters near you.

A few things to keep in mind before booking

Avoid booking a last-minute pet sitter to look after your pet as during busy times such as typical vacation times, you might not have the time to get to know them well. Many pet sitters are booked during the holidays and it’s never recommended to go with a last resort you don’t fully trust. Generally, the search for a suitable dog sitter should start around two to three weeks before your departure.


Find out how much a dog sitter will cost by simply browsing our website. Use our search tool by entering your postal code and accessing a list of dog sitters near you who would be happy to take care of your dog. Select the dog sitter that fits your budget and your expectations by comparing rates and experiences displayed right on their profiles. Keep in mind that prices regress based on the amount of days booked.

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