In-Home Dog Boarding Costs

You have to go away for some time and unfortunately, there are no relatives, friends or neighbours to take care of your dog for you. Don’t worry! In-home dog boarding services are easily available. Holidog is one of the leading dog sitting services and offers dog owners the opportunity to find affordable and experienced dog sitters.

How much does dog boarding cost?

Boarding your dog at home is always less expensive than a kennel. The rates depend on several things such as the number of dogs, the duration of the stay, or distance between you and the pet sitter, etc.

The average daily cost for in-home dog boarding is around £20. Usually, the daily costs decrease as the duration increases. For one week, you’re looking at a total cost of about £100.

Do the costs vary?

The costs of the service depend on the dog sitter’s rates. Each pet sitter sets their own rates according to their experience and the services they offer. Some pet sitters offer unbeatable prices in order to gain more assignments. A low rate does not necessarily mean poor quality. However, beware of prices that are really too attractive and keep in mind that you are letting a stranger look after your pet!

Are there any other costs?

Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to a sitter’s fee is the travel costs: you should cover them. Remember that you should only pay for the costs from the dog sitter’s home to yours. So the further the pet sitter lives from your home, the higher the travel costs will be.

Extra charges can be added to the cost of the service and usually relate to dog food. For instance, if you don’t leave enough dog food for your pet, the pet sitter will have no other choice but to go and get some more. The same goes for veterinary costs. You have to reimburse all the extra costs. Remind your pet sitter to keep all bills so that you can pay him or her back.


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In-home services

By using a company that specialises in pet sitting, you can find in a few clicks the perfect person who will come look after your dog. Whether you travel every now and then or have to be away on a regular basis, pet sitting companies like Holidog allow you to find the right person at the right price.

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