Dog Daycare

What is a dog daycare?

Dog daycare refers to short-term care provided to dogs during the day when their owners are absent. It typically takes place in dedicated dog drop-in facilities but some dog sitters may also offer a dog daycare service in their home. It’s a good solution for working dog parents or if your dog can’t stay alone for long periods of time.

What do dogs do at dog daycare?

Plenty of things! In commercial facilities, your dog is entertained with indoor and outdoor activities. Those include physical activity, playtime with other dogs or with an experienced member of staff. Facilities also have dedicated spaces where dogs can take a break and nap. Dogs are supervised at all times.

Is dog daycare good for my dog?

It really depends on your dog’s personality. Some dogs love spending the day playing with their dog friends while some others will hate the experience. You really have to weigh the pros and cons before signing up your dog at some dog daycare. If your dog is healthy and has a social personality, it will probably enjoy the group environment. If it’s shy or doesn’t get on well with other dogs, this can be overwhelming. If that’s the case, look at individual dog daycare.

What to bring at dog daycare?

You need to bring your dog’s food, its favourite toy, and its medicines if it has to take any. You should also bring a copy of your dog’s health records and give emergency numbers the dog daycare can contact if need be.


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How to choose the best dog daycare?

Mouth to ear is a good way to get insights on some facilities. If you can’t get any recommendations from anyone, it’s best to go have a look at a few different places. Remember to check the indoor and outdoor areas: are they secured? Are they clean? Is the dogs to staff ratio adequate? Do they have all the required insurances to operate? It’s a good opportunity to ask all the questions you may have and to observe the dogs’ behaviours. Animals don’t lie!

How much does dog daycare cost?

The price depends on the location and the level of services offered. It can go from £12 to £50 per day. Most commercial facilities offer discounted rates as part of monthly, quarterly and yearly plans.

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