Dog sitter in London

Working in a big city like London and still finding the time to spend with your dog can be a challenge. A dog sitter can be the perfect solution for you.

Dog sitter services in London

A dog sitter’s services can range from dog walking to dog sitting in your home or the dog sitter´s home for a few days or even weeks at a time. You could, for example, ask a friend or a relative to look after your dog while you are away. If this is not a viable option for you, there are other dog sitter options available to you.

In your home or with a host family?

You can book a pet sitting service at home, meaning a pet sitter takes care of your pet right in your own home. This option has the advantage of your pet not being moved to a strange place with a whole new environment. Booking a pet sitter who visits your pet at home is especially recommended for dogs who have a natural aversion towards moving around a lot.

On the other hand, you might not feel comfortable inviting a stranger into your home. In that case, dog sitting with a host family is your preferred choice. While it does not have the advantage of your dog not having to move out of his familiar environment, this might not be a problem for the more social and outgoing dogs.

Walking your dog or dog day care

Pet daycare refers to short-term care provided to dogs during the day when their owners are absent. It typically takes place in dedicated London drop-in facilities but some dog sitters may also offer a dog daycare service in their home.

A dog walkers is not just someone to put the lead on and walk your dog up and down the street: the idea is that your dog really gets the chance to run around and for his daily dose of exercise, especially if your dog is one of those breeds that excel at agility or speed.

Costs to consider

Short-term services such as dog walking can cost around £10. Dog sitting overnight usually starts at £20. Keep in mind that costs for pet sitter’s in bigger cities like London generally tend to be higher.

With Holidog, the prices for each service that the dog sitters ask are publicly visible to you: there is a dog sitter for every budget.


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Find the perfect match for you and your dog

Using a company that specialises on pet sitting services in cities like London is the best way to find a reliable and trustworthy pet sitter for your pet. Holidog offers pet sitters at affordable rates and lets you get in touch with our registered dog sitters near you in just a few clicks.

The process is simple: enter your London postal code and the service that you are looking for and you will gain access to a large list of pet sitters available. Be sure to take your time to compare rates and experiences of the various dog sitters when browsing our database. We always recommend getting in touch with the pet sitter before finalising the booking.

As a rule of thumb, you can should start looking for someone to take care of your pet no later than two to three weeks before your departure. During the usual vacation times and holidays, pet sitter’s in London are often booked to capacity. It is not recommended to leave your pet in the care of someone you don’t fully trust or just go with the only dog sitter still available.

Become a dog sitter in London

Are you a student, a retiree or simply someone with some extra time on your hand? Do you love animals and would like to make a few extra bucks or just like to spend some time with them? Then you might want to consider taking on dog sitter jobs!

As London is teeming with dog owners looking for a sitter to look after their four-legged pal, there is plenty of work for you! As a pet sitter with Holidog, you have complete control over the jobs you take. Only want to look after dogs in your own home? You have the time to walk dogs on specific days of the week? Would not mind temporarily moving into the home of the pet owner to look after his dog? All of the above?

Whatever your preferences, Holidog has a place for you. Simply sign up from our home page and make your account. Our team will then review your profile and, assuming you fit our rules and regulations, you could be looking after pets before you know it!

The Holivet guarantee covers your animal at 100% in case of an accident.

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