How do I find dog walk jobs near me?

If you’re a dog lover and are looking for a flexible occupation, chances are you’ve already considered being a dog walker. After all, there’s nothing better than being paid for doing what you like best. With over 9 million dogs in the UK, there’s definitely demand for dog walking. You may be wondering: how can I find some dog walk jobs near me? Let’s find out.

What are dog walk jobs?

Dog walking is more than simply putting the lead on and walking around the neighbourhood. The dog walker’s responsibilities include providing the right amount of exercise during the agreed walk duration, making sure the dog has access to clean water and food, picking up and disposing of dog droppings during walks and ensuring the dog’s well-being and safety.

While any person who loves dogs can become a dog walker, it’s best to have some experience or dog training. Dog owners generally prefer people who can demonstrate handling skills, who can prove they understand canines and know how to react in a variety of situations.

How can I get dog walk jobs near mer?

Regardless if you’re new to dog walking or already have some experience, there’s a few ways to find dog walk jobs near you.

Small Ads

You can start by putting small ads in local shops. Pick them wisely: you want them to be seen by potential clients. Target your local pet shops, dog-friendly cafes and restaurants, shelters and vets. Make sure they’re attractive and easy to read and don’t forget to mention your desired rates, your availability and your full contact details!

Find a reputable app or website

There’s tons of apps and websites that offer pet sitting services. However, be careful: not all apps and websites are equal. Read the reviews left by dog walkers and dog owners, check if there are any fees taken off the pet sitters’ earnings and make sure there are enough job offers in your area. No need to spend time creating the perfect profile if nobody is using this app or company where you live.

Depending on where you live, you’ll need to put extra effort to make your profile stand out of the crowd. This is the moment to detail your experience, express your love of dogs, and provide examples of activities you can do with dogs. If you can ask past clients or relatives to be a reference for you, that’s even better. Quite understandably, dog parents prefer people with references and experience over newbies.


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How much do dog walk jobs pay?

Dog walking can bring you some extra cash but it’ll rarely turn into a sustainable, full-time occupation. The rates you can charge depend on your experience, your exact location, the number of dogs you’ll walk at the same time as well as the dog’s size and the dog owner’s requirements. Dog walks last for 30 minutes on average and you can expect to earn £12 per walk.

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