Where are the Best Dog Walks Near Me?

Tired of walking your dog up and down the same streets every day? It doesn’t have to be this way! There are miles and miles of dog-friendly trails just waiting to be discovered all over the UK. Castle on the hill, beach strolls in Margate, the Yorkshire Dales… this country has it all! Check out our tips below for finding good dog walks near you.

Where Can I Walk My Dog Near Me?

Whether you and your pooch live in a big city or out in the countryside, the UK has lots to offer. But, if you’re a creature of habit like us, you visit the same dog parks or walk the same paths most days of the week. So, how do you go about finding new routes? Where are those hidden gems that make walking your dog a real treat for the both of you?

First things first, a quick google search will reveal the closet green spaces to your house. Parks, forests, woods and gardens are beautiful places to explore with your dog, where there are myriad new smells to sniff and doggy friends to meet… Just to be sure to pick up your pup’s poop along the way!

Another great resource is your local community. Dogs are a man’s best friend, after all, so there will always be other pet owners in the area. Keep an eye out for people walking their dogs and strike up a friendly conversation to ask them for advice. Additionally, check Facebook to see the local groups for dog owners, where people post their best dog walking tips and tricks as well as recommendations for local dog walkers or sitters.

If you’re still struggling to find inspiration, why not try using a dog walking app to hire someone else to walk your pooch? You can even find dog walking services through the Holidog UK website! Our trusty dog walkers know all the best spots and will happily take the pressure off you for a while.

How to Find Off-Lead Dog Walks Near Me?

Spending time in nature is very beneficial for both you and your dog. Fresh air, wide-open spaces… need we say more!? It’s important to let your dog off the lead sometimes to stretch their legs, especially if you live in a flat without a garden. So, head to the National Trust website to see all the best dog walks in the country. You’ll find plenty of outdoor places with great views to explore with your four-legged friend!

Most National Trust locations have an information centre where you can check their off-lead rules. They’re often equipped with doggy bins and water bowls, too. Appropriate signage will let you know if the trail you’re considering is dog-friendly and maps are generally available at most locations. Woodland areas usually also have a cafe that welcomes doggy friends, so you can enjoy a great day of rambling followed by a relaxing cup of tea and a doggy biscuit (respectively of course!).


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How to Find Great Dog Walking Routes and Trails Near Me?

Another great tool for finding good dog walks nearby is Dog Walks Near Me. The website is run by a passionate team of dog lovers with a singular goal of providing the general public with a “repository of enjoyable countryside dog walks” around the UK. Each walk has been carefully selected to ensure its suitability for both you and your furry companion. The Dog Walks Near Me team provides information about parking, directions and a detailed guide of all their dog walks. Plus, their interactive map compiles all the best, tried-and-true walks the country has to offer.

Walks are graded from easy to challenging and include a description of the area so you know what to expect. You’ll find well-known trails as well as secret, local routes. The best part is that all recommendations come from real dog owners themselves, who understand how hard it can be to find a dog walking route you love if you don’t know the area. This is as honest, comprehensive, and dog-friendly as it gets!

Where are the Best Dog Walks in London?

For those who live in the big, bad city and can’t just jump in the car and escape to the countryside every weekend, there are also great dog walking routes available in London. No matter where you live in London, there are fantastic parks and gardens to explore with your dog, sure to make you feel like you’re miles away.

North London’s Highgate Wood is a favourite of dogs and owners alike due to its extensive woodland and miles of paths. It’s the perfect urban adventure. If you live further South, try Battersea Park and let your dog run free across the 200-acre, Grade II-listed space. For East Londoners, Victoria Park—London’s oldest public park—is an obvious choice. Or how about the 350 acres of Hyde Park or Hampstead Heath, which proffers a special pond for dogs to swim in? London really has it all!

Where are the Best Dog Walks in Manchester?

Living up North? There are some fantastic dog walking spots near you, too! Clayton Vale, located east of Manchester, lies in the heart of the Medlock Valley. There you’ll find forest and woodland areas with plenty of trails, pathways and a rich variety of wildlife. Heaton Park is another great park close to Manchester, perfect for walking your dog. Located just a few miles from the city centre, Heaton Park offers large green spaces for dogs to explore. If you live in South Manchester, try Platt Fields Park. This public park is a very peaceful place, which allows you to let your dog off lead in designated areas.

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