The best dog walks near me

Bored of walking up and down the same streets with your dog everyday? It doesn’t have to be this way. With miles and miles of trails all across the UK, lots of dog-friendly parks and urban gems just waiting to be discovered, taking your dog out can turn into a real treat for both you and your furry friend.

Walking areas and parks

Where can I find great dog walks near me? Head to the National Trust’s website to check all the best dog walks in the South East, South West, East and North of England as well as in Northern Ireland and Wales. You’ll find plenty of outdoor areas to explore with your four-legged friend, from the sandy beaches of Devon to the paradisaical Lake District.

Spending time in nature is equally beneficial for you and your dog. Most of the places the National Trust cares for are equipped with extra bins and water bowls. Appropriate signage will let you know if the trail you’re considering is dog-friendly and maps are available in most locations. As most cafes in these areas are dog-friendly, you can have a great time exploring the area and relax afterwards without leaving your dog outside!

Dog walking routes and trails

Another great website worth checking is Dog Walks Near Me. The website is run by a team of passionate dog lovers who have had enough of not finding dog-friendly countryside walks. Their interactive map compiles all the best, tried and true walks you can enjoy with your furry friend.

The walks are graded from easy to challenging and you’ll find a description of the area so you know what to expect. You’ll find well-known trails as well as hidden, local routes. The best thing is that all the recommendations come from actual dog owners: this is as honest and dog-friendly as it gets.

In case you cannot provide enough dog walking opportunities for your dog, you can always consult a dog walking app to find someone to do it for you.


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The best dog walks in London

For those who can’t easily escape to the countryside, there are also great dog walking routes available in London. No matter where you live in London, there are some fantastic areas to explore with your dog that will make you feel like you’re away from the city.

Highgate Wood in North London is a favourite of dogs and owners alike due to its extensive woodland and miles of paths perfectly suitable for an urban outdoor adventure. If you live South, you can try Battersea Park and let your dog have fun across the 200-acre, Grade-II listed space. For easterners, Victoria Park (London’s oldest public park) is an obvious go-to place. Or what about the 350 acre Hyde Park, or Hampstead Heath, where they even have a special pond for dogs to swim in?

The best dog walks in Manchester

Living up North? There are some fantastic dog walking areas near you as well. Clayton Vale is located east of Manchester and lies within the heart of the Medlock Valley. You’ll find plenty of trails and pathways. Besides, this park boast a rich variety of wildlife as well.

Heaton Park is another great example of a park close to Manchester perfect to walk your dog: located a few miles away from the city centre, it offers large green areas for dogs to explore.

If you live in south Manchester, what about trying Platt Fields Park? This park is a very peaceful place where you can even take your dog off the lead in certain parts. Just make sure that your dog is well trained to avoid altercations with other dogs.

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