What is a kennel?

Whether you’re going on holiday or a business trip, you can’t always take your dog with you. A kennel may look like the perfect back-up solution - but did you know that there are other and better ways to get your dog looked after when you’re away?

Kennel: prices that can put off quite a few

This is the one thing to take into account: the cost. Kennel prices differ. The most standard kennels offering basic comfort are a little bit more expensive than a pet sitting service - without offering the same benefits. For luxury kennels, the prices can be over £100 per day!


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Kennel: the things you should know

Not all kennels are the same. Before you choose one, it’s important to do as much research as possible. Is the kennel in line with the latest laws and regulations? What is its safety policy? It’s best to view a few facilities to get a good idea of what they’re like and how they operate. You also need to make sure that your dog will be happy to live with other dogs.

What’s the best alternative to kennels?

What are your options if you’d rather not leave your dog in a kennel? Dog sitting is the answer. With Holidog, you can easily find a trusted pet sitter to take care of your dog. Dog sitting is better than in a kennel: your pet can keep on enjoying all the comfort of a home while being loved and pampered.

Trusted dog sitters near you

There are lots of reliable dog sitters near you registered on Holidog. All you need to do is to visit our website to find the right one for you and your dog. We take pride in carefully selecting our dog sitters to offer the best quality of services and ensure your dog’s safety.

Prices for all budgets

With Holidog, finding the perfect dog sitter that matches your budget and expectations is easy. Dog-lovers will be more than happy to take care of your dog. You will receive regular photo and video updates to let you know how your dog is doing. All the benefits of a luxury kennel for a fraction of the price!

The Holivet guarantee offers full coverage for your animal in the event of an accident.

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