How Much Does A Pet Sitter Earn?

So you want to become a pet sitter? Brilliant! More and more people are looking for pet sitting services instead of boarding their pets in a kennel deemed impersonal and expensive. But before you go on and find your first pet to look after, a question needs to be answered: how much could you possibly earn?

The rates of a pet sitter can vary

It’s difficult to give an exact estimate because rates vary depending on the services and the location. Dog sitting at the owner’s home or dog boarding in your own home can bring you around £11.00 per day. Other services, like dog daycare or dog walking, usually start at about £10.00.

What type of animals can be looked after?

The costs may vary depending on the type of animal. Small pets like rabbits are cheaper than pet sitting dogs and cats. Conversely, large animals like horses can bring you £200.00 per day. You can also charge more for large dogs that need more physical exercises, longer walks or those with special needs. Your location plays a great deal in how much you may earn as a pet sitter. Big cities are always more expensive than small towns.


The location is a very important factor to take into account to work out how much you could earn. The rates in big cities will be a couple of pounds higher than in smaller towns.

Which expenses are covered by the pet owner?

Your your travel costs (petrol, bus or tube tickets, etc.) have to be paid for by the pet owner. However, s/he is not required to cover for your meals.

If you have to buy some extra food for the pet you’re looking after or take it to the vet, remember to keep all receipts. The pet owner has to reimburse those expenses. It's best to clarify everything beforehand to make sure you both know how pet sitting works.

Can pet sitter be a full-time job?

Unless you have several missions per day, it’s unlikely that this will allow you to earn enough to live from this sole activity. This being said, you can use this as an opportunity to get familiar with more animals, gain experience and meet pet owners. This could be valuable if you’re considering becoming a dog trainer or behaviorist.


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