How To Become A Pet Sitter?

Are you a student looking for a job to make extra cash? Pet sitting may be the perfect job for you if you love animals and are happy with looking after one or more pets (dogs, cats, rabbits, etc.) at your home or the owner's home.

This activity is easy to fit in your schedule. Hours can be flexible and you get to choose the missions that suit you whenever you’re available. Eager to know more? Keep reading!

How to become a pet sitter?

It’s quite easy. You just need to post and ad on one of the pet sitting websites. These sites act as a big database depending on how popular they are. Holidog, for instance, is one of the leading websites and thousands of members.

To register on Holidog, you just have to complete your profile, mention your rates and availability and press “submit”. That’s it: your ad is online. Pet owners will get in touch with you. Take some time to discuss all the details and make sure that the job offered suits you.

What is a pet sitter job?

This job covers many duties. You may be dog walking or spending some social time with a cat. You can be asked to come to spend several days at the pet owner’s home while s/he’s away. You can also be asked to board a dog or a cat in your own home, provided you have space and are happy to do it of course!

How much does a pet sitter earn?

Pet owners are usually very dedicated to their animals and don’t hesitate to spend a little more to ensure that their pets are in good hands while they’re away. And because they care about the well-being of their pets, they tend to prefer pet sitting over a boarding house or a kennel to make sure that their furry friends receive lots of attention.

The cost depends on the service. Dog daycare like dog walking or visiting a cat is usually paid around £9.00. If you’re looking after dogs or cats in your own home, then you could be looking at £14.00 per day and per animal. Keep in mind that rates also vary according to your location. They’ll be higher in the big cities where there’s more demand. In that case, looking after a dog or a cat in the owner’s home can be paid £15.00 per day and more!

Remember that it’s up to the pet owner to cover for your travel costs. You also need to keep all receipts if you have to buy more pet food or pay for an emergency vet visit.


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