Pet Sitter Ads

Pet sitting services are all over the Internet. Whether it’s pet lovers offering to look after your dog or specialized companies offering to put you in touch with pet sitters, finding the right person to take care of your pet can sometimes feel daunting. The same applies to people looking for dogs or cats to watch. How to stand out from the crowd? Our article gives you a few tips and tricks.

Are you looking for a pet sitter?

If you type “pet sitting” on any search engine, chances are you’ll get thousands of results from dozens of companies. While it’s tempting to click on the company that pops up first on the results page, it’s wiser to take some time before choosing. You want to be sure that you can trust the person you’ll be leaving your beloved pet with.

With Holidog, you have access to hundreds of experienced pet sitters near you. Finding the right dog sitter is simple: all you need to do is to enter your postcode and specify what you’re looking for? A cat sitter? A dog sitter? A dog walker? You can also choose between boarding your dog with a family or having a pet sitter come and take care of your pet in your own home. Whatever suits you and your dog best!

Filter the results by entering your dates. This will give you all the persons who are available during this exact timeframe. Check their profile, their rates and read the reviews pet owners have left about them. If you think the gem you’re after is amongst them, it’s time to get in touch and ask them all your questions.


Find pet sitting services near you. Unlimited. No subscription required!

Are you interested in becoming a pet sitter?

With Holidog, turn your passion for animals into a job you love! Simply register as a pet sitter by visiting Holidog’s website and clicking on "Become a pet sitter". You’ll be asked to enter your first name, surname and contact details. Please note that you must be 18 or over to register.

You'll have to create your profile and mention your age and your job. You can write about the pets you've had int he past or those you're living with now. Don't forget to specify your availability and whether you can look after pets in your home or in the owner's home. You need to create a profile that inspire trust. If you have any experience in dog or cat sitting, highlight it!

The Holivet guarantee offers full coverage for your animal in the event of an accident.

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