Pet sitter jobs

You would like to start pet sitting for money but don’t know how to get started and are wondering what the job entails? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about pet sitter jobs!

How to get started?

The first solution is to get the word out in your own community. Hand out flyers to shops in your area and let people know that you’re available to take care of their pets while they’re away. Don’t forget to specify your rates and if you’re willing to let pets stay in your home or not. Of course, you can also post an ad on job websites or social media. Be precise about the services you offer and how to best get in touch with you.

Safety first

But keep in mind that you might not get in touch with pet owners as easy as you thought and that you can’t always be sure if the people contacting you are honest. For safety reasons, it might be a preferable option to go through specialised online pet sitting companies.

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In just a few clicks

Just head to our website and click on “Become a pet sitter”. Fill out the form with your information and you’re ready to personalise your profile and accept jobs. Be sure to write about your past pet sitting experiences and let potential pet owners know about your passion for animals. Don’t forget to include your strengths and how serious you take pet care.

Specify if you’re willing to pet sit at a pet owner’s home or if you can host a pet. If you are just offering walks or daycare, you should mention it as well on your profile. Finally, you can indicate what animals you want to pet sit no matter if it’s cats, dogs, rats, snakes, fish or even horses.

You can then decide on the prices you want to charge for each job. On average, a daily rate is around £11. If you’re just starting out, it can be a good idea to charge less but try not to go too low as it might come across suspicious to pet owners.

What costs should be covered by the pet owner?

There are some costs not included on your profile that should be covered by the pet owner like transportation cost to the pet’s home.

The pet owner is also responsible for pet food that you might need to buy during the service as well as unexpected visits to the vet. Make sure to keep the receipts for each expense and take pictures of them before handing them to the pet owner upon their return.

Through Holidog you can be sure to get in contact with honest and reliable clients looking for high-quality services. Our website allows you to chat with pet owners previous to the booking of the jobs which gives you a chance to get to know them and ask questions.

Keep in mind

Pet sitter jobs can be a nice little side business if you love animals and are happy about spending time with them. A big advantage are the flexible hours and the possibility to choose the clients yourself. Also remember that for some services such as extensive dog boarding, a licence might be required.

The Holivet guarantee offers full coverage for your animal in the event of an accident.

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