No matter if you’re planning in advance for the next holidays or are faced with the dilemma of leaving your home spontaneously, pet sitting services are the ideal solution for your pet. You can leave your pet in the care of a pet sitter and depart knowing it’s in good hands. Thanks to Holidog, you can now find a caretaker for your pet no matter if you are absent for a day, a week or even a month.

Why book a pet sitting service?

Here at Holidog, we guarantee a pet sitting service adapted to your and your pet’s individual needs. You might have considered a kennel and cattery for your pet, however, they are not always the perfect solution for all animals. If your pet prefers a calm environment or doesn’t like to leave home at all, pet sitting is less disruptive than kennel boarding. Find out which options are available in the UK.

Pet sitting in your home

The first option is to book a pet sitter who will take care of your pet in your home. This service allows your pet to stay home in a safe and familiar environment where it doesn’t have to change it’s habits our routines. Pet sitting in your home is especially recommended for cats who, by nature, are animals that don’t support changes very well.

Pet sitting with a host family

Alternatively, you can book a host family to take care of your pet while you’re away. With this option, you take your cat to the pet sitter’s home and pick it up upon your return. If you are wary of strangers in your home, this can be the ideal solution for you and your pet. Especially pets who like to discover new places and faces will enjoy this pet-vacation.


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Costs for pet sitting

The costs for pet sitting services vary depending on a certain number of facts such as the pet sitter’s experience, the location where the service is provided and the length of the stay. Our pet sitter’s display their prices publicly on their profiles to make it easy for pet owners to find the perfect sitter for their budget. We don’t charge commission at Holidog, so don’t worry about hidden fees!

Find the perfect match from home

It’s simple to find the perfect pet sitter through our online research tool. Just enter your postal code and the dates of your absence to browse our database for pet sitters near you. Everything you need to know from availability, prices and reviews are displayed on each pet sitter’s profile who are manually confirmed by us to guarantee a high-quality pet sitting service. Our first priority is the safety of your pet!

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Pet sitting insurance

Before finalising your booking, make sure if your insurance covers possible damages or injuries. Also, find out if the petter sitter who will take care of your dog has third-party liability insurance.

Pet sitting near you

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Pet sitting: perfect part-time job

Are you a student or a retiree with some free time on your hands? You wouldn’t mind some extra cash and you have always loved animals? Why not look into pet sitting? Thanks to Holidog, you can decide for yourself which jobs you want to take and choose your own hours and prices freely.

To register on Holidog, you just have to complete your profile, mention your rates and availability and press “submit”. That’s it: your ad is online. Pet owners will get in touch with you. Take some time to discuss all the details and make sure that the job offered suits you.

The Holivet guarantee offers full coverage for your animal in the event of an accident.

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