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Love animals more than humans! Have two dogs myself, one very elderly and one deaf. I often look after my daughters dogs and have had seve...

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Llandrindod Wells

I have had, cats, dogs, chickens and ducks. I have a Manchester Terrier dog called Elvis who is nearly eleven years old. He is more like a s...

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Llandrindod Wells love dogs and cats

My husband had 2 dogs when he was in the UK. Later he went to China to meet me and we lived there for over 5 years. Now he won't keep dogs a...


With our GoNanny service, you can easily find a nanny for your dog. This day care service by a dogsitter will rid your dog of boredom during your long working day. If your dog is sociable you can give him to a nanny who looks after other dogs at the same time, furthermore you will save money. The Nanny will look after your dog and he will be able to play, go on walks and cuddle all day long.

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