A cattery is a place where you can temporarily leave your cat in your absence, be it because of a holiday (cats are not suitable to take on trips) or a short business trip. There are basic facilities and more luxurious facilities, which are often referred to as cat hotels.

Catteries have become increasingly popular in the past few years. There are now lots of different places where you can leave your cat for a few days or even weeks at a time. Your furry friend is not left alone at home and you can leave knowing it’ll be well looked after by professionals.

Finding a cattery near you

There are a few ways to find the facilities that exist near you. Whether you are looking for a cattery in London or Brighton, here are a few tips to help you find the best place for your furry friend:

  • Ask around: your fellow cat lovers, your local pet shop or even your vet may all be able to recommend a few places.

  • Do an online search: a quick search will bring you plenty of results. You can use the map to locate the facilities that are the nearer to you. Plus, you will be able to read the reviews left by other cat parents. This is a good way to have a general idea of the type of services and what other people think of them.

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Cattery in London

You are live in the bustling city of London but need to go away for a short business trip or have planned a holiday. But what will you do with your cat? One option to consider is using a cattery.

Cats are extremely popular amongst the London population. In fact, London is the only place in the UK where cats are more popular than dogs. In response to this, a wide variety of establishments specifically geared to accommodating cats while their owners are away are available within the city.

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Cat hotel

Cat hotels are a more luxurious variation of a normal cattery. The principle is quite simple, you take your cat to the hotel before you depart and pick it up upon your return. While some cats don’t really mind switching locations, others have a harder time supporting changes to their environment. Cat hotels, like catteries, usually host more than one cat so having other animals around can be stressful.

A cat hotel can offer a wide variety of services, but the basics are similar to a normal cattery and usually consist of various play areas with suitable furniture, comfortable sleeping areas and a well fenced outside area. A good cat hotel is furthermore wel ventilated and kept clean and tidy. It should have various protocols in place in case of an accident or escape and its staff should consist of profesional animal caretakers.

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Finding a cat hotel near you

Before selecting a cat hotel, it is always recommended to research the facility and make sure that it is up to the latest standards, especially in big cities like London where the demand for catteries and cat hotels is higher. Take into consideration that the hotel has to follow laws and regulations and should have a security policy in place.

It is important that you pay a visit to the premises and take a look at the rooms your cat will be eating and sleeping in. Do you trust the neighbourhood? Find out how many other pets will be staying in the hotel and consider if your cat will feel comfortable with the situation. Cats tend to have a great sense of territory and are closely attached to their homes. An anxious or shy cat an have a hard time in a new place with unknown humans and animals.

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A cat hotel in London

What should you consider when looking for a cat hotel in London and is it easy to find one? How about the price?

Unfortunately, the prices of cat hotels in London are usually higher than in other parts of the country, as they are higher than normal catteries. Depending on your wishes, they can range from 20 pounds to over a 100 pounds per night. On the other hand, there is a great variety of cat hotels in London, so your choice is far from limited.

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What about other alternatives?

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