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Leaving for a few days is not always easy for a cat owner. Luckily, there are various options available to solve this issue. One of them is leaving your cat at a cat hotel. But what should you consider when looking for a cat hotel in London and is it easy to find one?

What are cat hotels?

Cat hotels are a more luxurious variation of a normal cattery and there are countless of them in London. The principle is quite simple, you take your cat to the hotel before you depart and pick it up upon your return. While some cats don’t really mind switching locations, others have a harder time supporting changes to their environment. Cat hotels usually host more than one cat so having other animals around can be stressful.

Before selecting a cat hotel, it is always recommended to research the facility and make sure that it is up to the latest standards, especially in big cities like London where the demand for cat hotels is higher. Take into consideration that the hotel has to follow laws and regulations and should have a security policy in place.

It is important that you pay a visit to the premises and take a look at the rooms your cat will be eating and sleeping in. Do you trust the neighbourhood? Find out how many other pets will be staying in the hotel and consider if your cat will feel comfortable with the situation. Cats tend to have a great sense of territory and are closely attached to their homes. An anxious or shy cat an have a hard time in a new place with unknown humans and animals.

The costs of a cat hotel in London

A cat hotel is usually more expensive than a cattery in London. There are different cat hotels who offer different services and can charge vastly different prices depending on the length of the stay and the luxuries of the facility. The most luxurious hotels can charge over £100 per day. In general, hotels in London are more pricey than in smaller cities.

One thing that you have to keep in mind before deciding on a cat hotel or a normal cattery, is that only because an establishment calls itself a hotel for cats, does not mean that it actually provides more luxury or added facilities than a normal cattery.

Furthermore, there might be added and sometimes hidden charges for extra services. If you choose a cat hotel based on the added services it provides, such as a vet on site or grooming services, you have to check if these are included in the price or require an extra fee. Do not let the small print surprise you on your return!


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Alternatives to a cat hotel

Cats are extremely territorial and often do not fare well in a new and unfamiliar place. An anxious or shy cat can have a hard time in a new place with unknown humans and animals, which can have a permanent negative impact on his mental well-being and might even result in him trying to escape the establishment. Finding a lost cat in London is near impossible. Therefore, while finding a cat hotel near you might seem like the easiest option, it is recommended that you also consider the alternatives.

Friends and family

An alternative to cat hotels is to ask friends and family for help while you’re away. This solution offers the advantage of being very easy to organise and it’s usually cheaper than booking a hotel or a pet sitting service. Your cat, who might already know your friends and family, can remain at home where it’s comfortable and spend a stress-free vacation - just like you.

Specialised pet sitting companies

As family and friends are not always available or not able to travel to London on short notice, pet sitting services are another great alternative to cat hotels. Companies such as Holidog make it easy for cat owners to find the perfect person to take care of their kitty during their absence.

There are a great number of pet sitters in London offering cat sitting services in the pet owner’s home. Booking a cat sitter through our website is as easy as turning to a friend and your cat will be able to stay in a familiar and safe environment. Browse through our database to find the perfect cat sitter near you.

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