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Birmingham Enthusiastic animal lover

I've been taking care of animals all of my life. I have had many of my own pets in the past and now would like to help take care of other pe...

Louise H. Premium

I have two dogs (Staffys!) and a cat at my parental home whom I love and regularly take for walks down the park and give constant love! I am...

Gaynor P. Premium
Birmingham A lot of love to give

I am a 58 year old mother and grandmother who has an extreme love of all pets. We are a loving family home we have a large secure garden. ...

Rebecca M. Premium
Birmingham City Centre Pet Lover

I am living in central Birmingham as a student and love going for canal walks inbetween trips to the library or working from home, as well a...

Hannah B. Premium
Birmingham Animal Haven

My life revolves around my animals around me. My life would not be complete without my pets. I have 4 cats and many stray cats that I built ...

Stephen R. Premium
Birmingham holiday for dogs to!

Hi my name's Steve and I see myself as an avid animal lover who had the lovely chance to grow up with animals my whole life from horses to c...

Birmingham Jane's pet care service's

Being a lover of cats,dogs,rabbits and birds. My experience with animals comes naturally.I have experience in looking after my own pets at h...

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Birmingham Animal Companion

Ever since I was younger I have always loved animals, especially dogs. I have a keen interest in their welfare and I am currently in the pro...

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Birmingham Pets make the world happier :)

Hello Petsitter Members, My name's B (Bianca), I'm 26. I am interested in becoming a petsitter as I absolutely adore animals! I live in a...

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Birmingham Jamie's pet sitting service

I love animals more than anything. I am vegan so I am passionate and caring to animals of all shapes and sizes. As I am a secondary school s...

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Birmingham Its a dogs life

Hello I'm a 17 year old female whose been looking after animals her whole life. I have an elderly dog myself in which I have grown up with. ...

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Hi I'm Rachel I'm 27 years old and I currently work in retail. However I wish to come out of this job and start a college course in animal c...

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Birmingham Perfect for every animal

Hello! My family and I have always owned animals - from cats to dogs to birds to those that are the smallest, such as hamsters or rabbits. A...

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Birmingham pure love for pets

Doing the pet sitter for me is not a job because I love spending time with animals, I do volunteer to help animals too,I ve saved 2 pets fro...

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Birmingham Friendly animal-loving student!

Hi, I'm Martha, a hard-working, friendly and reliable medical student at the University of Birmingham. I love animals, especially dogs and ...

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Birmingham Paws 4 Thought

Are you looking for someone in the West Midlands who can provide a Home from Home service for your pet whilst your away? I have a compassio...

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Birmingham Love, play and pamper!

If your dog is playful, loves to get it's belly rubbed and enjoys walks and games, then i would be more than happy to come and look after th...

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Birmingham Dog's best friend

Recently I moved to UK Birmingham and i'm currently working as bartender but still,having a lot of free time. I finished veterinary schoo...

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Birmingham A brother for dogs

Dear Sir/ Madame, Animals are an absolute passion for me. After seeing your advertisement for the position of a Pet Sitter, I would like ...

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Birmingham Friends

I love animals especially dogs. I had two american staffordshire terrier. I took care of friends or neighbours dogs from different breeds li...

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Birmingham Tails n trails south Birmingham

Dear dog lovers, I Lee Kitson, love to be around dogs I have two myself with my partner I have a bichone frise and a pugzu, we love to be o...

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Birmingham Shannans Pet Services

My name is Shannan and i'm 20 years old.I have a passion for working and caring for animals as I find animals are what make me happy. I stud...

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Birmingham La Tarzan-ita

I grew up surrounded by animals. My parents would bring home little souls in danger to save them and I learned to care for them and sitter t...

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Birmingham A home away from home

I am 18 years old and have grown up around pets all my life. I currently own a very friendly male cat who gets on with most other animals; i...

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Birmingham a fun house

Ive had lots of experience with animals from dogs to birds everything really Ive done a level 1 animal care corse at college Ive done work e...

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