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Denise B. Premium
Sheffield A Home from Home Experience

Sadly at the end of January 2014 we had to have our Springer Spaniel Jerry put to sleep. We still miss her very much. As a family we have...

Lyndsay B. Premium
Sheffield Barkinn' woofin' & tail waggin' !

I've had a dog since the dog was bigger than me. I've got an old boy & he's definitely in his declining years. I miss talking him out for th...

Denise T. Premium
Sheffield Loving holiday home

I have had dogs and cats my whole life and would be lost without them and the unconditional love they give. We lost our Stanley the cocker ...

Vicky G. Premium
Sheffield Plenty of love to go around

I am a 46 year old women who is home all day and my pets are the pug and chihuahua breed that I love very much I also have had big dogs and ...

Aimee R. Premium
Sheffield Paws r us

I am a 31 year old stay at home mum with lots of time on my hands and have a passion for animals. I would love nothing more that to offer a ...

Ioanna K. Premium
Sheffield Pet sitter/walker

I am an experienced pet sitter/walker who's owned both cats and dogs (as well as smaller pets, such as fish and hamsters). I have a large en...

Warren M. Premium
Sheffield Animal B&B

There is no need for you to lock up your pet in a virtual prison cell in Kennels when he of she can join my loving home and be pampered and ...

Iain F. Premium
Sheffield loving home away from home

I am a young man who loves all animals great and small i am very interested in health and fitness and i am a nutritionist and healer. I live...

Sheffield Experienced Petsitter

I am an experienced petsitter as I currently own 6 dogs myself and I've taken care of other pets in the past in my home town . My tasks foc...

Mia K. Premium
Sheffield Unconditional Snuggles

I have worked with holidog and other platforms for over 1 year now. I have looked after pets my whole life, though. ** Please read to the en...

Jordan G. Premium
Sheffield Love for dogs

Hello, I and my mum are both working together to provide the best care and enjoyable times for your animals. I (Jordan) am a qualified p...

Sheffield Hotel for dogs

Hello and welcome to our profile. We love spending time with dogs and walking them. we have 2 small dogs. We love walking dogs around fores...

Sheffield Every Pet Welcome

Hey, my name is Rosie. I've received a 2:1 in a Zoology degree at the University of Lincoln and I am currently working for the West Yorkshir...

Sheffield Animal Lover

I have always been an animal lover and have enjoyed looking after dogs from holiday before. I have lived with dogs all my life and I current...

Sheffield Passion for petsitting~! <3

I LOVE cats and I am very experienced with looking after animals as I have always grown up with cats in the house. (cats always also seem to...


I have always had a love of animals, since I was born I have had an animal in my life. Baby to double figures I grew up with a dog in my lif...

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Hi, I'm Fran! I would love to be a pet sitter because I can't have pets of my own due to my accommodation at university and I love being a...

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Sheffield Looking for pets to take care of!

Hello! Working as a dog/cat sitter or walker is the job I've been looking for. I'm a young woman who just finished her studies. I have liv...

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Sheffield animal kingdom

As one of my final options I chose a Level 2 Environmental and Land Based Course and now I am doing Level 3 Animal Management course at Barn...

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I am enthusiastic, likable, respectful and loyal. I arrive to all my commitments on time with a positive attitude and I am prepared for my d...

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Sheffield Pawsitively Purrfect

I have always had a great respect and fascination for animals, and nothing is more satisfying to me than channeling this passion into making...

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Hi, I'm Hannah and I have a huge passion for animals. I have always lived with dogs and currently have two of my own, a Spaniel and a black ...

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Sheffield Animals are better than humans

I have always had pets ever since I can remember. I currently have 2 indoor cats that are pretty much like my children. I like to think of m...

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Sheffield Caring, trustworthy and honest

Most of my family members own pets, as a result I'm a huge animal lover and I have experience caring for cats, dogs, birds, and fish. I have...

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Sheffield Dog lover that's never had a dog

I've always lived around dogs owned by family and friends, however with my mum being allergic we could never have one in the house. Now as a...

Petsitting for Dogs and other pets: cats, rabits, ferrets

When you go on holiday, Holidog offers you a Petsitting service for your dogs, cats and other animals. The stay is carried out by a qualified Petsitter in their home or in yours depending on your wishes. Staying in a host family won’t be anything like a kennel; it is a cosy and comfortable alternative for your pet. With your dog sitter your pet will be able to enjoy a friendly environment during your absence!

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